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Bolus Tablet Press Machines Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


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OM Exim – Bolus Tablet Press in Ahmedabad

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​In fact, innovation is at the heart of all our products; it’s what makes them different. The quest for continuous innovation is the force that drives us every day, and flexibility, and so control are the criteria that focus our thinking. Everything we do is aimed at improving these key factors to help you make better products and improve productivity.

We’re leaders, not followers. We go our own way. We march to the beat our own drum. We never try to copy or emulate, what gives us our edge, our advantage. That might mean that the road to success may be longer, so the end-product is better.

Bolus Tablet Machines in Gujarat

OM Exim have the quality of Bolus Tablet Press Machines in Ahmedabad Gujarat India. better de-aeration, less hardness and capping issues, and much higher outputs; on some press models Bolus Tablet Press in Ahmedabad, the main compression dwell time can be set in the control system, meaning that it will remain constant regardless of the linear speed of the machine Bolus Tablet Machines in Gujarat,

The Air Compensator enables fine adjustments to be made to operational parameters; thus, users can achieve the desired security of outcome without compromising on machine speed and plant productivity Bolus Tablet Machines in Gujarat. The main compression Air Compensator also acts as an effective tooling device should compression forces rise above tolerances.

so we are expert in Bolus Tablet Machines in Gujarat Offering weight control so precompression, extended dwell times for complex formulations, higher yields, cost savings, and faster setup Bolus Machines in India, the Air Compensator enables you to control two critical quality instead of one Bolus Tablet Press in Ahmedabad. Operation is key, of course, and full training is offered ensure optimal operation and productivity,

No other presses the world have this technology. The Air Compensator improves product output, overcomes compression issues, so the facilitates the pressing of small tablets. It makes the impossible possible Bolus Machines in India.

The superior process control improves tablet quality by continuously controlling both tablet weight and tablet hardness optimizing dissolution and bioavailability as opposed to only weight in a conventional Bolus Tablet Press in Ahmedabad.

When tablet weight is monitored at pre-compression, the main compression station is available for a second permanent control loop, which is totally independent of the weight control loop Bolus Machines in India. This second loop eliminates tablet hardness fluctuations and automatically compensates for machine Bolus Tablet Press Machines.

tablet presses and resolves a dilemma that has plagued the pharmaceutical compression industry since its infancy Bolus Tablet Press Machines. Like all great solutions, the answer is simple: physically separate the two control loops to work on separate areas of the Bolus Machines in India. Weight is controlled at pre-compression and also hardness is controlled at main compression. As a result, weight and hardness can controlled simultaneously and continuously on a standard tablet press.

we are expert in Bolus Tablet Press Machines, the sensitivity of this relationship decreases with reduced compaction force, which can lead to unacceptably high tablet weight variations smaller tablets and during bilayer tableting when the compression force on the first layer must be very low to guarantee sufficient bonding so Bolus Tablet Press Machine manufacturer.

This reduced lower compaction force sensitivity also why compression force measurement for tablet weight control is always done during the main compression when the compaction force is highest. In Bolus Tablet Press Machine manufacturer Bolus Tablet Press Machines, if the powder characteristics change during compression of a batch, a control loop based on main compaction force measurement would have to be re-calibrated in either of the following ways:

The most important characteristic of this principle is the linear relationship between what is measured (thickness variation) and what is to be controlled Bolus Tablet Press Machines. As the height of the powder slug at pre-compression directly correlates to its weight when pre-compressed with exactly the same compaction Bolus Tablet Press Machines, thickness tolerance limits as a function of weight tolerance Bolus Tablet Press Machine manufacturer.

Furthermore, the relationship between tablet thickness pre-compression and tablet weight is nearly independent of machine rigidity, making inter-machine transfers much easier. The influence of machine temperature is also negligible,

which eliminates tablet weight variations owing to machine at the beginning of a Bolus Tablet Press Machine manufacturer. Bolus Tablet Press Machines, a weight control principle based on “displacement measurement at precompression” has an increased sensitivity at lower compaction, so making the system particularly suitable for small tablets and bilayer tableting.

OM Exim the press can run in mode by only activating a second primary control loop they force transducer on the final compression station measures the individual main compression forces and calculates a moving average, so which then used to adjust the main compression height and keep it between pre-set limits. This extra will correct any tablet thickness variations and keep the main compression force.

Tablet height variations are only so allowed within pre-set tolerance limits. Otherwise, an alarm message is generated and the machine stops if tablet height limits need to be exceeded also the maintain so appropriate compression force.

Such a situation would mean that the powder characteristics have changed to such an extent that it is impossible to maintain all three relevant tablet parameters Bolus Tablet Press Machines within their pre-set tolerance limits. The process would need to the stopped and powder characteristics and quality checked.

ability to adjust the dwell time at both pre- and main compression, and choice between controlling the individual hardness of every tablet or the average hardness of the batch within set tolerances. This flexibility is ideal for small-medium production levels or for R&D operations when the ability adjust parameters quickly and easily is paramount.

The standard ECM provides a closed environment that ensures contamination levels outside machine remain below applications in which a dust-tight seal provides adequate protection when the doors of the press are opened. The ECM can then be safely removed for cleaning in designated area, usually with a simple air hose. There is no further need to clean the inside of the press the room in which it operates.

Bolus Tablet Press in Ahmedabad, Bolus Tablet Machines in Gujarat, Bolus Machines in India, Bolus Tablet Press Machine manufacturer. Bolus Tablet Press Machines

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