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Hand Magnets

Hand Magnets

Hand Magnets are designed for sampling products and evaluating for ferrous contamination. Used at critical points throughout the production line, it is ideal for free flowing powders, granules and liquids. The stainless steel encased rare earth magnetic tube will attract ferrous contamination as it is passed through the product, which can then be sent for analysis. Manufactured to food industry standards, it is lightweight and easy to handle. Releasing the catch and sliding out the magnetic inner tube, which causes the contamination to fall away, can also clean it quickly and efficiently.

Rectangular hand magnets economic type have been developed to meet laboratory/shop floor non-ferrous foundry shop etc. Where iron cleaning is done manually the magnets is highly powerful encased in a steel flat body with handle. A non-magnetic hinged stainless steel flap is provided for easy cleaning of the accumulated tramp iron. The magnet size approx.135×150 mm & 150×200 mm and has a magnetic force to lift all pins/nails from 65 mm.

Ever last compact most simple and useful magnetic hole cleaner for removing iron particles from blind holes after drilling/tapping operations.


  • Easy clean removable outer sheath.
  • Quick release emf catch.
  • Light-weight and easy to use.
  • Ideal for ferrous removal in contamination sensitive in areas.

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